Campaign Goals

The primary goal of the Campaign for Bond Street Dojo is to help us secure a permanent New York City space for an aikido institution.

Our fundraising goal is $2,000,000 by 2016

Why is the Campaign’s goal two million dollars?
Bond Street Dojo is a New York City institution—which means we draw members and visitors from all over the world. It also means we deal with the realities of constant increases in rent, and a fiercely competitive real estate market.

Why aren’t we just upgrading our current location?
We have truly outgrown our space. Our membership has steadily increased each year, which we are excited about—more people practicing aikido is a good thing! However, we are dealing with a crowded mat and cramped dressing rooms for both regular classes and seminars. Our weapons training is hampered not only by a small mat but also by basic structural features like a low ceiling.

In addition, we can only renew our lease for 5 years at a time, at which point our rent increases. In 2012 we signed our current lease and had to raise dues for the first time in over 10 years in response to rent increase.

While we may be able to make cosmetic changes to the space, we can’t overcome the basic structure of the building, nor can we change how rental agreements are structured.

A permanent space will give us financial stability and allow us to focus on aikido: that might mean offering an even more robust training schedule, developing new programs, or building relationships with our community.

What are the other benefits to permanent space?
Permanent space will enable us to offer training and enrichment to members and guests for the foreseeable future. The space will change; our name and our traditions will continue.

In addition to providing us with a stable training location, a permanent space will allow us to:

As members of Bond Street Dojo, we undertake the consistent partner training and exploration of Aikido as a martial art, and as a way to develop our physical, psychological and spiritual strength. Through this practice, we can manifest the principles of Aikido and understand our choices, open our hearts and become compassionate in the dojo and in our daily lives.


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The first and third Saturday of every month is a free class, geared towards beginners and open to the public.

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