Bond Street Dojo was founded in 1973 by Terry Dobson and Ken Nisson, and originally located at 49 Bond Street. It has recently relocated to 161 East 106 Street.

After Terry and Ken’s departure in 1980, the dojo was established under Chris Jordan and Paul Kang, both of whom joined Bond Street as students of Terry Sensei and Ken Sensei in the 1970s. Today, Chris Jordan Sensei leads us as our Chief Instructor.

Bond Street Dojo (incorporated as New York Aikido Society, Inc.) is a not-for-profit organization established as a place for learning and practice of the martial art of aikido. We are governed by a board of directors elected from and by the membership.

Teaching Philosophy

Teaching Philosophy

Bond Street Dojo is a member of the Aikido Schools of Ueshiba, under the guidance of Saotome Shihan and Ikeda Shihan. Our instructors and members have studied with many teachers, and often incorporate their own unique experiences into our curriculum.

Students of all ranks, ability levels and backgrounds are welcome to join us. We also host instructors from various schools of aikido and related martial arts to expand our knowledge and range of technique.


Chris Jordan, Chief Instructor


Chris Jordan, 6th Dan

Chris Jordan Sensei joined Bond Street Dojo shortly after its founding. Chris Sensei is the Chief Instructor of Bond Street Dojo, currently holding the rank of 6th dan. She has led Bond Street Dojo on a volunteer basis since 2007.

Chris Griffin, Senior Instructor
Marc Sergelius, Senior Instructor

Senior instructors

From left to right: Chris Griffin, 5th Dan and Marc Sergilus, 4th Dan


Terry Dobson

Terry Dobson

Terry Dobson Sensei began studying aikido with O-Sensei at Hombu Dojo in Japan in 1960 after training in judo and karate. He was the first American uchi-deshi (live-in student) of O-Sensei, and continued to study with him until O-Sensei‘s death in 1969. During those years he trained with fellow uchi-deshi Mitsugi Saotome Shihan, who founded and continues to lead the Aikido Schools of Ueshiba (ASU), the organization with which Bond Street Dojo is affiliated. Terry Sensei passed away in 1992.

Ken Nisson Sensei

Ken Nisson

Ken Nisson Sensei began judo training in 1958, and took up aikido in 1964 under the instruction of Koichi Tohei Sensei. In 1967 he was awarded shodan by Yoshimitsu Yamada Sensei. Ken Sensei began studying with Saotome Shihan in 1976. He is currently head instructor at Aikido of Modesto, California, as well as an artist and illustrator. He regularly visits the Bond Street Dojo and other dojos around the country to lead seminars.

Paul Kang

Paul Kang Sensei began his study of aikido in Tokyo, Japan, in 1971. He then trained at New York Aikikai, gradually shifting his study to Bond Street Dojo. After Terry and Ken’s departure in 1980, Chris Jordan Sensei and Paul jointly led Bond Street Dojo as chief instructors until Paul Sensei’s death in May 2007. Paul Sensei also served as the executive director of ASU for many years.


Testing is optional, though encouraged as a way to mark progression in your skills. Aikido uses the kyu and dan system of ranks common in Japanese martial arts. After proceeding through the six kyu ranks, the student may test for shodan (first degree black belt). Our dan rankings are through Hombu Dojo, the Aikido world headquarters, and are recognized internationally.

Learn more about testing at Bond Street.


Bond Street Dojo aims to provide a training environment where everyone is treated with respect and dignity. Dojo members are responsible for ensuring an environment both at the dojo and at dojo-related social functions that is free of harassment and bullying.

Read our Respectful Conduct Policy.


Bond Street Dojo is available to rent for martial arts classes and seminars as well as for other events. Please email aikido@bondstreet.org or call (212) 477-0899 to inquire about rates and for more information.


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Get a special rate of $150 for the first three months when you become a member. (Cash or check only. Sorry, no credit cards.)

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Aikido 101

Free Intro to Aikido Class

The first and third Saturday of every month is a free class, geared towards beginners and open to the public.

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